Buy beautiful Swiss watches in Dubai! Swiss watches are globally hailed for their outstanding design, that's why major retails in Dubai stock a large collection of these Swiss made watches for both women and men. These timepieces are made from a range of high standard materials, like gold, silver and diamond, which not only make them very beautiful, but also highly valuable.

Swiss Watches

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Premium Designer Watch Collection

Dubai Watches, as the name suggests, offer the largest collection of magnificent watches across Dubai. But not just any watch, but pieces from some of the world’s biggest brands like Rolex, Raymond Weil, Piaget, Breitling and more. They a ...

TAG Heuer Dubai

Millions of people around the world sport TAG Heuer branded watches. But that shouldn’t be any surprise, after all watches from TAG Heuer is a famous across for their regal design and high standard material like aluminium, gold, silver an ...

Rado Watches Dubai

When people in Dubai needs luxury Swiss watches, they head at stores of Hour Choice and Rivoli, who offer the largest collection of such watch from Rado. Rado is one of the most renowned brand names in the global watch industry. They offer ...

Zenith Watches Dubai

Zenith is a prominent brand name in the watch industry of the world. Their collection is comprehensive that includes watches for both women and men. These all pieces are made from a range of high standard materials like gold, silver, stainl ...

Oris Watches Dubai

Oris has been creating magic with their designs since inception. Their Swiss watches are purely mechanical with the latest technology and have a distinctive design which makes them stand out in the market. Celebrities queue up to wear and s ...

Corum Watches Dubai

Corum Watches is acknowledged worldwide for their aesthetic appeal of their timepieces, matched with technical excellence. They expertise in fine watch making of Swiss watches, since their inception! Their designs are a combination of creat ...

Luminox Watches Dubai

Visibility is never an issue with Luminox Watches with its self-powered illumination system, which glows in the dark. The company based in Dubai, is a trusted and requested brand in the world. Whether you are in the army or navy or even an ...

Hamilton Watches Dubai

Hamilton Watches available in Dubai and worldwide, have unique shapes, personality and design combining the American spirit with Swiss technologies. The designs of these remarkable Swiss watches are unmatched by any other brand. They have t ...

Victorinox Watches Dubai

Looking for a watch, which should be strong with water, temperature, shocks and pressure resistant. You have stumbled upon the right option of the Swiss made Victorinox Watches available in Dubai. Their watches are not just strong with resi ...