Sports Watches

If you are the active, sporty type, a sports watch is more of a necessity than a luxury. Strapping on a sports watch makes it easy for you to track your progress, time yourself, and get a myriad of other readings that are useful in your activity or sport. You’ll need it when doing your regular jog or run, when climbing or hiking up a mountain, swimming, scuba diving, doing your track routines, biking, racing, and any other sports related activity. These watches are just as useful for amateurs, hobbyists, and professionals.

Sports watches come in a broad range of varieties. Manufacturers focus on different aspects of the watch during the watch making process. For this reason, some sports watches have a dominant feature, meaning the manufacturer intended for the watch to be a specialist timepiece for that specific function. Even so, it is impossible to find a sports watch with only one function or feature. The average sports watch can provide multiple readings and is equipped with numerous tools that can be used across different sporting activities. Common features in-built in most sports watches are a stopwatch, GPS, altimeter, speedometer, barometer, thermometer, weather information, tide info, lap timer, pacer alert, heart-rate monitor, and calorie tracker.

Sports watches are enhanced with built-in water resistance. Different watches may have different water resistance levels so always take the time to understand the level of moisture protection your sports watch has. Water resistance in watches is categorized into four classes: 30m/3ATM, protects the watch against moisture up to 100 feet of water pressure and is sufficient protection against splashes, spills, and drizzling; 50m/5ATM watches, offer the equivalent of 165 feet worth of water pressure resistance and are safe to wear in the shower; 100m/10ATM, gives the equivalent of 330 feet of water pressure resistance and can be safely worn when swimming and snorkeling; 200m/20ATM, offers the equivalent of 660 feet in water pressure resistance and can be used for diving, scuba diving and any other open water activity. The water resistance seals of any sports watch are bound to break down over time. It is therefore advisable to get the watch serviced regularly and the seals replaced in order to keep the watch’s waterproofing intact.

Other than their efficiency in tracking sports activities, precision and excellent time keeping ability, sports watches also have a unique style angle. The chunky design and athletic build of many sports watches is a sure attraction for many people. Not all sports watches are masculine and chunky though. Some designs are smaller, slimmer, less bulky, and are made in more delicate designs. Some people find these designs irresistible. As you can see, there is great variation in the design and shape of modern sports watches, and this makes it easy for people with varying style preferences to find a suitable watch.

Sports watches are excellent in timekeeping, precision, and come with multiple functions that make it easy to track and monitor one’s sporting activities. Find a suitable sports watch that you can use when running, jogging, swimming, diving, racing, for athletics or any other sport.