Rolex has a great deal of gratitude to pay towards its founder Hans Wilsdorf who at the age of 24 founded a company in London specialising in the distribution of timepieces. Although wristwatches were not very precise during that period, he always knew that wristwatches would not only become an elegant fashion statement one day but also become very reliable. It also took the genius Hans Wilsdorf a combination of multiple letters and words to create the title Rolex which would be easy to remember and short enough to fit into any watch movement or dial. Oyster was the first waterproof and dustproof watch created by Rolex in 1926. In 1931 they also invented and patented the world’s first self-winding mechanism with a Perpetual rotor which is today used in almost every modern watch.

Rolex watches include the Oyster collections and Cellini collection, they also have a variety of watches for both men and women to choose from. Rolex has also created the first watch with a date on the dial that automatically changes. It is also the first company to create a watch that shows two time zones at the same time. You can also find a series of women Rolex watches at fine jewellery stores because most of these watches have a very sleek and stylish design that also resemble a bracelet feature. Rolex watches are expensive and do not fall on the cheaper side, but owning a Rolex is also considered to build up one’s status symbol. Rolex produces around 2,000 watches per day and is one of the top selling brands who is also globally recognized all over the world.

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Rolex Watches Dubai

Rolex is the biggest and most trusted brand name in the watch industry of Dubai. Their collection includes the best of traditional and luxury watches that has no mortal match. They offer a wide range of varieties, from different straps like ...

Rolex Watches Al Khobar

Want to create an everlasting impression with the accessory on your wrist? Then Rolex watch brand is the perfect solution. These meticulously finished timepieces are available at Kooheji Showroom in Al Khobar. The products here are genuine ...

Rolex Watches Hofuf

Rolex needs no introduction; it is one of the world’s leading brand names in the watch industry. They offer a wide range of watches, crafted by top professionals to specifically meet the different needs of women and men. Plus, they use va ...

Rolex Watches Lebanon

Looking for luxurious watches in Lebanon? Then you must straightaway head to Rolex showroom at Chronora Boutique in Beirut. It has an excellent collection of these watches which are meticulously crafted and exhibit cutting edge technology. ...

Rolex Watches Dhahran

Rolex watches are known throughout the world for its exceptional performance and trustworthiness. It has grown to become one of the largest and leading brands of luxury timepieces that is consistently evolving and pushing the limits of watc ...

Rolex Watches Mecca

There is simply no match to men watches that Rolex offers through their various retails in Mecca, like at Saddik & Mohamed Attar. These watches are exquisitely designed by leading professionals keeping in mind the needs and demands of men o ...

Rolex Watches Jeddah

Find authentic Rolex timepieces at the stores of Saddik & Mohammed Attar at attractive prices. This is a watch maker that has upheld excellence, performance, prestige and innovation for years and continues to mesmerize the world with its ex ...

Rolex Watches Medina

Rolex is one of the biggest and highly respected brand names not just in Medina, but around the world. Their collection of watches has no comparison, which includes pieces whose look, designed and crafted by top professionals, are beyond pe ...

Rolex Watches Riyadh

There is no match to the watches that Rolex, a globally renowned brand, offers around the world. Their collection is beautiful and huge that includes every possible type of watches, designed eloquently to the highest of level. So whether yo ...

Rolex Watches Kuwait

A globally renowned name in the watch market, Rolex, there is no way that you wouldn’t find the kind of watch you are looking for at their retail stores. Rolex is available at Larosa Jewellery in Kuwait City, offers equally large collecti ...

Rolex Watches Oman

Rolex is a world-famous brand synonymous with excellence, innovation and reliability. From its most basic to complicated timepieces ensure high-performance and prestige. Choose from its massive selection of contemporary to classic chronolog ...

Rolex Watches Al Ain

Rolex, thanks to their wide network of retails across the world, has become one of the leading and most recognized brand names in the watch industry. Their collection includes many different classic and contemporary watches, made and design ...

Rolex Watches Ajman

If you are looking for quality watches, you wouldn’t find any better pieces than what Rolex offers. A prominent and trusted brand name in this industry, Rolex offers an incredible collection of watches for both men and women. You can look ...

Rolex Watches Sharjah

Rolex designs, develops and produces in-house essential components of its watches, from the casting of the gold alloys to the machining, crafting, assembly and finishing of the movement, case, dial and bracelet. Beautify yourself with a hig ...

Rolex Watches Fujairah

Rolex watches stand apart from the rest for its excellence and magnificence. Its timepieces vary from the most basic to the most complicated ones and are designed in classic to modern and contemporary designs and styles to satiate the requi ...